Web developer

Job Description
Do you have an insatiable passion for design that moves people, stirs emotions, and makes a deep impression on society?
Is your idea of a stunning website never compromised by the temptation of doing “what’s good enough”?
Are you an artist deep down who speaks code? We are looking for you!

·     Develop, test, modify, and deploy various web-based solutions based on specifications given clients  
·     Work closely with colleagues on improving the visual and written content of company websites  
·     Increase public engagement with all web solutions  
·     Enhance existing web products  
·     Communicate regularly on the progress of active projects  
·     Consistently meet deadlines and project objectives

Skills And Qualifications
·     At least two (2) years of web design and development experience
·     Highly competent in PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, Azure, Photoshop, and Illustrator  
·     Able to work independently and with a team, taking comments and critique positively
·     Experience in handling CMS platforms like Drupal and Wordpress

Your profile needs to be uploaded on to the GIGCO website