TRAINING by Tan Chi YingSay HEllo


Be a stealth ninja! Join A2 Parkour classes right in the heart of downtown Singapore. Originating from France, this sport develops fluid body movements while training the mind to see reality from different angles and consider other possibilities. This results in agile movements and swift responses allowing the conquest of any environment or obstacle. Visualise and weave your way through. This is parkour.

Level: Foundational
Location: Free Runner Lodge, 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #10-72, Singapore 338729
Date: 29 September 2018
Time: 11AM - 12-30PM
Fees: SGD 30

Scope: Basic parkour techniques from different categories of movements (Climbing, jumping, vaulting, rolling, etc)

·     Loose sports attire including long pants.
·     Participants need to be at least 15 years old and are required to fill in the following indemnity form.

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