Joe Augustin TrainingsSay HEllo

Performing, recording and
editing of Voiceover

This workshop will help you to develop the skills to be a successful voice-over actor. Through a range of techniques and exercises you will learn how to use and take care of your voice to perform better. You’ll also learn recording and editing techniques from one of the industry’s top talent.

Level: Beginner
Location: Red LIght Studio
When: 01 September 2018
Time: 9AM - 1PM
Workshop Fees: SGD 250

Lesson 1: Voice
·      Where does the voice come from?
·      The science of voice
·      The psychology of voice
·      Vocal Cords
·      Breathing
·      Lips and Teeth

Lesson 2: Performance
·     Popping
·     The Smile
·     Backstory
·     The Effect of Time Compression

Lesson 3: Recording
·     Background Noise
·     Understanding Microphones
·     Pop filters
·     Condenser vs Dynamic Microphones
·     Software

Lesson 4: Editing
·     Software
·     Editing naturally

Lesson 5: Mastering
·     Noise Reduction
·     Equalisation
·     Compression

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