Photography Made Easy
for Busy People

Course outline: Foundation Level

Lesson 1: 2hrs classroom theory
·     It’s all about lighting & composition
·     Knowing your camera and/or smartphone
·     Understanding important functions from your camera
·     Looking vs Seeing - Composition
·     Learning to see through and understand the “Frame”
·     Q&A

Lesson 2: 2hrs outdoor practical
·    Understanding perspective
·    Understanding compression
·    Shooting with front, side and backlighting
     Composition challenges and practice

(2hrs break)

Lesson 3: 2hrs classroom
·     Sharing and critique by instructor
·      Q&A 
·      End

Practical Digital

Course outline: Foundation Level

Lesson 1: 2hrs classroom theory
·      Introduction
·      Camera handling
·      Focusing – various AF modes and MF
·      Its all about Lighting! ·      White Balance
·      Metering
·      Exposure
·      Understanding Shutter Speed
·      Understanding ISO

Lesson 2: 2hrs day outdoor practical
·      Exploring AF and MF modes on various subjects and situations
·      Shooting with different Shutter Speed on various subjects
·      Panning shots
·      Practice Metering on different lighting condition

Lesson 3: 2hrs classroom theory
·      Exposure continue
·      Understanding Aperture and Depth of Field
·      Complete exposure in full Manual mode
·      Dynamic Range
·      Using Exposure Compensation
·      How and when to use AE lock
·      Focal length – controlling perspective and compression

Lesson 4: 2hrs night outdoor practical
·      Shooting in full Manual mode in low light situation in various         conditions
·      Revisit Metering and understanding Dynamic Range
·      Handling perspective and compression
·      Composition

Lesson 5: 2hrs classroom theory
·      Exploring different accessories, filters and etc
·      Discussion on RAW processing and digital photo enhancement
·      Wrapping up

Software training
Say HEllo

Understanding Adobe Lightroom

Course outline: Foundation Level

Lesson 1: 2hrs
·      Introduction
·      Lightroom’s Catalog system explained
·      Importing – from cards and/or HDD
·      Preset and previews
·      Managing files within Lightroom
·      Options within catalog and preferences
·      Library Module
·      Folder
·      Collections
·      Publishing
·      Key wording and attributes
·      Quick develop

Lesson 2: 2hrs 
·      Exploring and explaining entire Develop Module and it’s tools 
·      Let the editing begins! 
·      Instructor to provide a set of RAW files with different key challenges        for students to work on under guidance

Lesson 3: 2hrs 
·       Understanding the “Why” instead of the “How” is the key to editing         success. Instructor will share and discuss his thought process on         certain pictures
·      Students get to work on own pictures under guidance
·      Exporting;
·      Creating presets
·      Renaming
·      Resize
·      Destination
·      Metadata and copyright