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By the end of the course, participants would be able to shoot and edit videos using proper camera and editing techniques. You would also learn the core camera skills for video set-up, Proper lighting, and the essential video editing technique.

Level: Beginner
Location: http://macphersonstudio.com/
Date: 25 August 2018
Time: 1PM - 5PM
Fees: SGD 50

Course outline:
Lesson 1: 1hr classroom theory
·      Introduction
·      Required Gear
·      Camera Settings
·      Video Format
·      Understanding Exposure
·      Exposure
·      Shutter Speed
·      ISO
·     Different Types of Lighting
·      Basic Shot Types for Video
·      Basic Camera Movements for Video shooting
·      Additional Tips for Shooting Video

Lesson 2: 2hr Practical Video Shooting
·     Balancing a Gimbal
·     Practical Demonstration of Different Lighting Setup
·     Practical Shoot using a Gimbal
·     Practical Shoot using different camera movements

Lesson 3: 2hrs Video Editing Crash Course with Final Cut Pro
·     Importing Files
·     Organising Files
·     Creating a Project File
·     Adding audio and video clips to the Timeline
·     Making Adjustments to Audio and Video clips
·     Adding Effects and Transitions
·     Exporting Project
·     Q&A

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