JAY-R DEL MUNDO TrainingsSay HEllo


Course outline: Foundation Level
Location: Studio
When: NA
Workshop Fees: NA

Lesson 1: 1hr classroom theory
·      Introduction
·      Required Gear
·      Camera Settings
·      Video Format
·      Understanding Exposure
·      Exposure
·      Shutter Speed
·      ISO
·     Different Types of Lighting
·      Basic Shot Types for Video
·      Basic Camera Movements for Video shooting
·      Additional Tips for Shooting Video

Lesson 2: 2hr Practical Video Shooting
·     Balancing a Gimbal
·     Practical Demonstration of Different Lighting Setup
·     Practical Shoot using a Gimbal
·     Practical Shoot using different camera movements

Lesson 3: 2hrs Video Editing Crash Course with Final Cut Pro
·     Importing Files
·     Organising Files
·     Creating a Project File
·     Adding audio and video clips to the Timeline
·     Making Adjustments to Audio and Video clips
·     Adding Effects and Transitions
·     Exporting Project
·     Q&A

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