the vision

Investor relations

We’re attracting many creative people from all walks of life,
re-imagining & revitalizing product representation across multiple industries. 

We seek like-minded investors, who buy into our vision, appreciate what we are doing,
and aspire to give us a boost for greater reach across the region
and branch out globally into every corner of the world!

We intend to reinvent the ‘gig economy’
in 3 specific areas:

·     Being the job deployment platform for creative professionals to collaborate on large projects
·     Providing on-demand job deployment with our GIGCO product
·     Enabling quality training, delivered by accredited professionals

If there is talent out there - creative people - anywhere, everywhere….
we want them on board, progressively acquiring different skills & doing magic with us

Invest in SIMONE STUDIOS PTE LTD and its future entities across the globe to do amazing! Participate in our journey going from strength to strength 

If you find this intriguing, get in touch with us now: