Business Operations Executive

Job Description
We are an ecommerce startup company looking to hire Business Operations Executives to join our dynamic, creative and innovative team. The founders and senior executive team comes from more than 20 years of experiences from large international multi-national companies, who are looking forward to developing and nurturing our next Singapore generation with critical leadership and soft skills. The successful candidate will report directly to the Head of Operations. He/She plays a crucial role as a central point that links various internal / field teams, establishing processes, working with software developers, legal and finance teams. He/She will ensure system features is supportable from a business operational perspective, coordinates user testings and acceptance. He/She will also assist in data consolidation to contribute to the development of business plans and strategies. The ability to generate reports that track financial and operational performance is a plus point.

·     Track to delivery, the product features & services owned by dedicated teams
·     Supervising and managing procedures and logistics across different departments and external vendors involved in the platform development process
·     Generate reports that complement/ track financial and operational performances,and assist to support business plans and
      budget templates for management
·     Ensure operational business flows are seamlessly/functionally well integrated with vendor’s business process
·     Proper and detailed documentation for all operational engagement and activities

·     Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills
·     Analytical, organized and good problem solvers with a quest for excellence
·     Strong leadership, strategic planning and decision-making abilities
·     Proficiency in word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software
·     Ability to navigate and collaborate with different departments in an organization
·     Hardworking and determined spirit within the organization

Minimum Qualifications
·     A Diploma/degree with two to five years of related working experience

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