TRAINING by Allan NAcpilSay HEllo

portrait photography

Conceptualise and plan. Discover what makes a good portrait shooting your own images. Shoot and edit your photos at such a high standard that even you will be amazed at what you can do. Retouch your photos, manipulate colour, tweak highlight and shadow areas using highly effective and efficient workflows. Capture deep emotions and let your portraits speak with a voice unrivalled by words.

Level: Foundational
Location:, 14 Arumugam Road, LTC Building C, #03-08, Singapore 409959
Date: 22 July 2018
Time: 12PM - 6PM
Fees: SGD 80

Every participant must bring a laptop with at least Photoshop CS 6 and Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4 installed.

·      Preparation
·      Conceptualisation
·      Camera settings
·      Lighting
·      Composition
·      Understanding the characteristics of a great photograph
·      Shooting / Executing the plan

Lesson 2:
·     Post-processing
·     File management
·     Removing unwanted clutter
·     Advanced skin retouching
·     Color manipulation
·     Color grading
·     Different photography effects
·     Over-all toning and ambient moods
·     Sharpening and saving the output
·     Photo critique

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