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portrait photography

Course outline: Foundation Level
Location: Outdoor | TBC
When: 03 June 2018
Workshop Fees: 80

Requirements: Every student trainee must bring their own laptops with Photoshop CS6 and Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4 installed.

Get the best tips and ideas on conceptualization, planning, execution and editing at the Thematic Photography Workshop which aims to educate and enhance skills on how to best create desirable and creative outputs and capture every bit of emotion with every click!

Knowing the traits and qualities of a good picture and the best practices which can be used for an outstanding inputs of the images for commercial and personal projects are few of the things to be learned in the entire workshop.

The editing process will showcase the effective ways and styles of the different workflows or the step by step procedure of editing from the technicalities, advance portrait retouching, color manipulation and a lot more basics to come up with a more dramatic images.

Lesson 1: Morning Session
·      Theory
·      Preparation
·      Conceptualization
·      Camera Settings
·      Lighting
·      Compositions
·      Understanding the Characteristics of a Great Photograph
·      Actual Shooting/Execution

Lesson 2: Afternoon Session
·     Post-Processing
·     File Management
·     Removing Unwanted Clutter
·     Advanced Skin Retouching
·     Color Manipulation
·     Color grading
·     Different Photography Effects
·     Over-all Toning and Ambient Moods
·     Sharpening and Saving the Output
·     Question and Answer 
·     Photo Critic

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