3D animator / Motion graphics designer

Job Description
Do you value storytelling? Do you use motion as a means to make a point? Can you capably and creatively put together visuals and words to capture people’s attention and get them to listen to you? Is a drawing or a script tools for you to craft a moving whole that will amuse, engage, and inform people? When you see products, do you immediately think about how much better it is to see this product moving in three dimensions? Let’s talk about the possibilities! The creations we can come up with together are endless. Time for us to start!

·     Work closely with other company creatives to conceptualise and create moving animation
·     Contribute positively to any brainstorming session
·     Ensure the achievement of client and company goals in all projects
·     Maximise creativity in all endeavours
·     Participate in shoots as necessary
·     Contribute to the crafting of scripts
·     Do post-production editing

Skills And Qualifications
·     University degree or its equivalent
·     Proficiency in the use of Adobe products like After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator
·     Experience in different 3D animation software like Blender
·     Being able to handle multiple projects at the same time
·     Independent worker and self-motivated
·     Good communication skills and has the ability to present to both company executives and clients •
·     Experience in doing on-air motion graphics is a plus
·     Experience in handling product promotion is also desired
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